Webinar – Personal power and impact (1 hour)

Do you want to be sure, that your message comes across loud and clear?
Do you want to empower yourself and increase your ability to persuade and motivate others?

In this webinar you will be taken through the first and most important steps, when it comes to persuasion and power and the key elements, to be able to take charge of a meeting.


Anyone who wants to be able to take charge of a meeting and get their message through.


The tools you will get:  

  • Learn how to prepare for success.
  • Tips and tricks of easy a fluent communication.
  • How to choose the right approach in different situations.


  • Levels of communication. Be sure to be accurate!
  • Persuasion techniques.
  • How to inspire people, in order for them to feel motivated.


The webinar is live and online. You will log on to the webinar by clicking a link and entering a password. You will listen to a presenter, and there will be visual aids as well.

To gain most from the webinar, please participate and interact along the way!

You can ask questions in the chat if your microphone is unmuted. It will be intense and effective, and we will do whatever we can to give you as many tools as possible!


1 hour

Pris og praktisk

10.000DKK excl. VAT. per (internal) webinar – regardless of number of particpants.

The webinars are not boring videos or traditional e-learning, but interactive live webinars in real time.
The technique is simple – no special program or technical skill is required.
The webinar takes places on the platform Zoom.
The teacher sends an invitation with a link 5 minutes before the webinar begins, which the participants log on to.
Participants can choose to turn the camera off, if they do not want the other participants to see them.
They can ask questions in the chat that only the teacher or one of the other participants can see – or the whole group. They can ask questions and share ideas in the chat or directly in the webinar, and there will be practical exercises.
The participants will get most out of the webinar if participate actively and relate the exercises to their own everyday lives.

1 hour

Number of participants:
Maximum of 20 participants

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