Personal Impact

How is it that you can instantly click with certain people and others not?
How do you make the most out of a network meeting and leave a positive and lasting impression?
Do you want to learn more about your own impact and style?
Do you want to know the tricks on how to influence other people?

The course Personal Impact is for you who want to build chemistry and rapport with colleagues, managers and teams. And for you who want to build confidence at meetings, business events and interviews.

Outcome – during the course you will learn how to:

  • ake an appropriate and authentic impact on others.
  • Deliver a clear and concise message .
  • Effectively use body language.
  • Use your own communication style.
  • Develop techniques to maintain stature and authority.

Outline for Personal Impact:

  • How we are seen by others – first impressions.
  • Talking from our authentic self.
  • Influencing others.
  • Being the best of our self in all situations.
  • Chemistry and Rapport Building.
  • Conflict handling.
  • Status.


The main emphasis in this course will be on how to improve your personal impact.
The feedback you will get from both the instructor and the videotaping allows you to identify areas of greatness and improvement.


First impressions.
How do you create a good first impression?

What inspires you? How can you convey, and draw on the inspiration?

How can you maintain your momentum and speak with authority?

Nerves, presence and passion
How do you overcome nerves? How to achieve presence? How do you breaks, passion and personality into your presentation?

Spontaneous communication
What is spontaneous communication? Tips for preparation under time pressure.

Creative Content
How do your material more creative, exciting and more relevant to your audience?

Body language
Physical preparation and improvement of body language from theatrical techniques. You’ll get constructive feedback on your body language during the entire course.

Animate language
How does the language alive by using pictures, analogies and stories.

Self-confidence and conviction
Techniques and focus on how you get more confidence and seems more convincing.

The personal touch
How do you achieve a personal touch to your business partners, colleagues and bosses?

Feedback and video
Throughout the course you will be filmed several times. It gives you the opportunity to see yourself in action, and receive visual feedback. You get helpful feedback from other participants and the teacher.


This is how a schedule might look like:

Day 1:
9AM – 12.30PM
When I had impact: (1 minute each from everyone – what were the common themes in these stories?) Issues: What do you want to get from the course?  Feedback: (some guidance on what to look for in terms of Impact)  eg.  1st impressions, voice, rapport, succinct, positive language, grooming, demeanour, energy, body language, gravitas and confidence.

13.15PM – 17PM
Pie Chart of Communication – the impact we have on others when we communicate. Preparing yourself – physical preparation, voice work, being alert. Presence: Exercises to develop charisma and presence. Dealing with nerves. Purpose –  Defining the desired outcome of a communication – putting across information succinctly and being able to influence and build positive relationships.

Day 2:
9AM – 12PM
What stayed with me from yesterday?  What had an impact on me?  What thoughts have I had about changing the impact with someone?
Meeting:  Each participant delivers their prepared 3 min speech following on from each other, making sure the tone is conversational and making it interactive if they choose.  The last person needs to be prepared to answer challenging questions and then facilitate a Q&A with the rest of the group.  This is done boardroom style and is filmed.

12.45PM – 16PM
Playback and feedback: Each person receives feedback from the group and leader on clarity of message, structure and effect on group. Analysis of what works in meetings in terms of listening, body language and energy. Handling questions and handling conflict. Speaking with spontaneity. Creating an impact plan.

Pris og praktisk

Cost when the course is held at our facilities:
A two-day course: 40.000 DKK
A one-day course: 23.000 DKK
The cost includes facilities, meals during the day, coffee and tea, handouts etc.

Cost when the course is held at your facilities:
A two-day course: 32.000 DKK
A one-day course: 18.000 DKK

This price requires that you provide the practicalities of the course. We can provide the handouts and bring the folders for the cost of 1.500 DKK.

All the prices above are not inclusive 25% VAT.

Our facilities are located at Pilestræde which is just five minutes walk from Nørreport. The course can be held at our facilities or at yours.

We recommend a two-day duration for this course, but it can also be held as a one-day course.

Max. 16 participants for a two-day course (optimal 12 participants)
Max. 8 participants for a one-day course.

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